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What are some things you guys have changed because of each backgrounds that are other’s?

What are some things you guys have changed because of each backgrounds that are other’s?

Well, for starters, I could not do PDA (public displays of affection) if there were Indian people around. Sometimes we will be walking holding hands, and he goes, “Oh, look at that Indian family!” and I’ll instinctively pull my hand away, and he will laugh hysterically. I think I do this because I feel like all Indian people are related (?!), and I didn’t grow up seeing many public displays of affection. I’m so weird. He used to get irritated with me, but now he makes fun of me. I prefer the irritation :D.

Also, I now own and use china, can sweet discreet mobile skeet shoot pretty dang well, write thank you notes often, eat…salad….LOL, and celebrate Thanksgiving! On his end, he doesn’t wear shoes in the house, pronounces Indian words correctly, unlike 99% of the population, makes a chai that is mean gives people money that ends with the increment of $1 (like $101), and always checks the vegetarian menu at any restaurant we go to before sitting down.

How do it is made by you work when you both grew up with different family cultures?

This has been a learning process for both of us. Sure there’s a cultural difference, but every couple will go through this to some extent because every family does things differently. The way you grew up with your family isn’t necessarily the way that is ONLY do things with your family. The white way wasn’t always the way that is right. We weren’t always down to do it brown. My husband and I learned that we are both stubborn people that thought our upbringing was “more correct.” We quickly realized that wasn’t true at all. Talk it out. Pick and choose what is really important to you. Otherwise, adjust with everything else and understand the end goal here is harmony, not a need to be right.

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