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She joined dating site lots of Fish to try

She joined dating site lots of Fish to try

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Exotica erotica is rife in online dating sites.

Plenty of women of colour will tell you that they’ve had close encounters with white guys simply wish to tick another race off their bucket that is sexual list.

The majority of us sigh and move ahead.

But one black colored Irish blogger isn’t standing for it anymore.

Filomena Kaguako has written a letter that is open demand men stop fetishising her.

She joined dating web site an abundance of Fish in an attempt to find ‘something serious’ – but has since been forced to delete the app after discovering that lots of associated with the dating sites for erotic adults guys about it simply wished to see just what it’s like to have sexual intercourse having a black colored woman.

‘I have been around in Ireland for 17 years and I’ve been searching for males who don’t consider me and simply see the reality I’m black colored,’ Filomena says.

‘ I want them to check out me personally as a person that is whole.

‘I’ve noticed that Irish men fetishise black women. I believe it is because in Ireland relationships that are interracial as common as other areas.’

She states that the reason why many men approach her is really because sex having a black colored woman is regarded as something brand new – unlike men in places like London or New York.

‘It’s about being looked over ( as being a black girl), as just a statistic or something like that to tick down a bucket list’.

Therefore, Filomena has published a available page on her web log to the males of Ireland:

There’s more to us than our color.

There’s more to us than our looks.

There’s more to us than the human body that you have unjustly exotified since you will not consider what we can offer you intellectually.

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